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Weddings and corporate events organization.

Catering and banqueting service that suites your needs.
We are chefs and masters of ceremonies, every gesture meets a need.

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Banqueting Wedding Events Roma

Buffet Cocktail Congress Conventions

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Our locations

Sapori Catering provides its customers the perfect location to realize the event.

Location Ariete

7 Photos

Location Toro

8 Photos

Location Gemelli

6 Photos

Location Cancro

9 Photos

Location Leone

8 Photos

Location Vergine

13 Photos

Location Bilancia

5 Photos

Location Scorpione

6 Photos

Location Sagittario

11 Photos

Location Capricorno

4 Photos

Location Acquario

7 Photos

Location Pesci

7 Photos

Location Villa sul lago di Castelgandolfo

6 Photos